Perhaps the most frequently asked question we get is what is our pricing? We don’t post our prices publicly but we are happy to send them to you as soon as possible upon request. We don’t post our price list for a few reasons: one being that we travel often and shoot all over the world and, secondly, we are often building custom packages for clients which we would be more than happy to do for you as well. Our price list also fluctuates from time to time and we aren’t excellent at updating everywhere that it is posted so to avoid confusion we keep our current master price list in a singular location. We would be overjoyed to send you our pricing and share what we can offer you in terms of coverage once you send us an email or inquiry through our contact form.


What is your photographic style?

How do I get the most out of wedding coverage?

Have you photographed cultural weddings, Jewish, Chinese, Indian etc? 

We feel awkward in front of the camera, will we be ok?

Do you photograph anything other than weddings?

Have you photographed at my venue before?

Should I give you a shots list?

If you look around the internet for wedding photography you are certain to come across a wedding photography shots list including everything from “a picture of the bride and groom looking at the camera” to “the first kiss” and the “cake cutting”. Having shot over 250 weddings we have an internal shots list on the day of the wedding which is probably far more extensive than the one you found online and it is our goal to capture our must haves list at every wedding. 

During the creative session of a wedding day we are most often letting the light guide us. We are looking to see what is available in that location, at that time of day in order to get the best for our couple, venue and location. As such having a list of photos you want re-created may be less possible. We are there for you on your wedding day and as such will happily do what you ask of us. In our estimation you will get the best and most creative work by allowing us time to explore the area with the two of you and create unique and original imagery.

What I would recommend sending us in terms of a shots list is;


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Do you charge for travel with in Canada? 

Will you travel outside Canada? 

Will you travel for an engagement shoot? 


What equipment do you use?

Do you have backup equipment?

What if something happens to you?

We take every precaution during the wedding season to be in tip top shape for shooting weddings and do our best to stay healthy, not take unnecessary risks leading to injuries and take care of ourselves to make sure we are available for every client who has trusted us with their day. However there is the possibility of unexpected things happening to change our plans… If in the unlikely situation that we are not able to be there we belong to a wide community of photographers who have the same understanding about weddings that we do and we would find another photographer to cover for us. We will do everything in our power to make sure we are there to cover your wedding, or find an equivalent photographer for you.


How far in advance should we be booking?

We would love to meet with you, but we don’t live near you. Can we meet by video chat? 

Why do we meet by video chat?

Where do you live and where are you based out of?

What are the steps of booking?

What deposit is required for booking?

Is the wedding package time continuous?

Do you do videography?

Do you have a Photo Booth? 


What is the "online gallery” listed in your price list?

Are the photos I receive edited?

How many images do I receive?

What is the photo delivery timeline?

Do we get to keep the digital files?

Can we print our photos?

Can Family and Friends view and buy prints?

Our Privacy is important to us. Can we own all the images?


What if there’s bad weather?

How much time do I need for my wedding coverage?

What if we go over the contracted time coverage?


What kind of wedding albums do you offer?

How does the album process work? 

Either way once the album is designed you are welcome to review it and make changes until it is perfected. Once perfected it will be delivered to you within 6-8 weeks.


How do I hear about upcoming Couplescape trips?

Why does your website say Davidbuckweddings but your business is David and Sherry Photography?

Ha, good question and I’m glad you asked :). Many many moons ago after we were married Sherry was a certified OTA/PTA after graduating from Conestoga college and had intended on spending her working career using her skills in occupational therapy and her husband David had these grand plans of becoming a wedding photographer. At the time Sherry loved landscape photography but the idea of taking pictures of people wasn’t top of the list so the company which was originally to be David Buck Photography along with the domain name. However, before we had ever shot our first wedding Sherry was fully committed along with David to photographing weddings together but we had already built a website and paid for several years of domain services.  By the time we changed our name to David & Sherry Photography, the domain name was taken so for purposes of SEO over the years and the lack of the perfect alternative domain name we have chosen to continue using