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Magazine Style Bridal Party Wedding Photos

One of the beautiful things about weddings photography is the challenge of creating magazine style images in any location we are presented with on the wedding day. One of the areas we can do this is to create Vanity Fair styled group photos with the bridal party. This works better when larger numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen are present where we can place them artistically in the space and show each one what they need to do in order to give the feeling of high fashion to the wedding pictures. In this photo we have a maid of honour, four bridesmaids, and five groomsmen to compliment the bride and the groom. We have staggered the group front to back as well as right to left and have told each of them to choose a place to look and a way to pose their arms and their legs. We also use vertical space to bring each person up or down in a dynamic way to show the beauty of posing which compliments the bride in her wedding gown. I love how the composition of this image gives each person their own dedicated space while also drawing your eyes to the bride and the groom.