Ryan & Sherri – Country Wedding

Ryan and Sherri got married this year on August 15th, and it was an awesome day.  It had been calling for rain throughout the week and on the day of the wedding the lovely people at the weather station gave us a clear day right up until everyone was under the tent for the reception!  It was perfect.  They were married at the Doctor’s Inn Bed & Breakfast just east of Owen Sound.

Ryan and Sherri are super fun people and we had a ton of fun with them and their bridal parties.  You know it’s going to be a fun day when you walk into where the guys are getting ready and they start making joking with you right away.  One of Ryan’s groomsmen had received a special gift of a softball to the right eye just days before the wedding and it was as purple as it can get.

Here are some of the shots from their day and advise:
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And now enjoy!

Ryan and his guys got ready at the Best Western Inn on the Bay in Owen Sound.Not the groom… but he thought he was really cool 😀  (he kept giving me the “cool” look and wanting a picture)Ryan & Sherri’s son getting ready.Sherri got ready at the B & B, just steps away from their ceremony location.While walking to the ceremony site Sherri’s dad decided it would be a good idea and make everyone wait while he enjoyed a moment with his daughter at a conveniently place bench along the walk.This is one of my favorite group shots of the year, taken just out front of the Doctor’s Inn.I mean really, who DOESN’T like skipping stones?I love taking the couple out at dusk and snapping a few shots. 


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