Jon & Krissy – Country Vista Part 2

Are you guys ready for Jon and Krissy’s formals and reception?  We are :D. David and I had so much fun with their wedding party.  Krissy’s brother Scotty is a nut… and full of crazy ideas, such as the groomsmen giving the brides maids piggy back rides. As I was working with the wedding party David was wading waist deep out in the water taking photos of Jon & Krissy… I try not to watch when he does crazy things like that mainly because I fear for the really expensive equipment and clothing I’ll have to clean.  We had an awesome time with Jon & Krissy… and their reception was a blast too.

I love the way Jon makes Krissy smile.

This is the one where David got his pants wet… and almost dropped a camera (totally worth it honey)

Collingwood and Thornbury get some beautiful skies for wedding photography.

Who doesn’t love long walks on the beach…in a wedding dress???

Taken on Krissy’s Family Farm

Krissy’s 3 brothers and husband giving her a hard time (I think she loves it 🙂 )

Who does_____more in your relationship? (raise the shoe of the person whom you think) make sure you answer wisely or you could be in the dog house 🙂

Ok so… seriously, who brings a drill to a wedding?  Well you’ve never been to a Gordon wedding have you? (Krissy’s dad owns a construction business) This game was a race to see who could glue 4 boards, clamp them together, drill through them, put a bolt 2 washers and a nut on it the fastest. The winner recived a signed photo from the most famous couple at the wedding….the bride and groom.

Another crazy thing that happens at every Gordon wedding is a skit or a song put on by the cousins… This particular skit was about Krissy’s favorite movie, Runaway Bride (appropriate seeing as we are at a wedding).  So the cousins who were already married wore their dresses and sang, there was a skit on stage acting out the movie… I’m not sure what the guys in kilts were doing????

At the end of the skit the running shoes of “Krissy” were presented to Jon.

Jon & Krissy’s sending off… in a man-drawn buggy. All the groomsmen surprised Krissy and Jon with a send off trip around the parking lot. Congratulations Jon & Krissy! Love you guys.

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