Funny Story

Well I (David) have a bit of a funny story today.  It all starts in a far away place, a long, long time ago… … … not really, it actually happened yesterday as we were getting ready to meet with the most awesome and fun couple ever! Anna & Earl (no offense to all you other awesome fun couples)…

You see, Sherry has this little problem where she is chronically time deficient… or timingly sheltered… or unaware of the current time… ok she’s always late!  So over the years of our marriage I have tried many many many many many different ways to encourage her to be on time without getting annoyed at each other and the formula I currently use is this:

(actual time) + (driving time) + (bonus time) + (untruthful meeting time) – (sherry’s extra time) = desired arrival time

So if we have to meet somewhere at 12:00 I will tell Sherry 11:00 or 10:45 and then when she runs late I tell here “don’t worry, I lied to you, you have a few more minutes” then we still usually end up arriving just on time.

Well yesterday was a bit of a different story.  You see, we were to meet our couple at 12:30.  So naturally I told Sherry 11:30.  I had told her this several weeks before and as we were driving into the area Sherry looks in the calendar only to see the time of the meeting at 12:30.  So she says, why does this event say 12:30? I said, don’t worry, it’s actually at 11:30.  Well about 5 minutes later we arrived at our meeting 1.5 hours early!!!!! I had done such a good job convincing Sherry to be on time that I actually convinced myself the meeting was an hour before it really was.

Needless to say, we enjoyed our coffee… … … for a loooooong time… … … Fortunately they had wireless so we took the opportunity to go over some of the things we would like to implement in our business.

Moral of the story?  Apparently I like to be REALLY early!


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