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A couple night ago Sherry and I took a little trip into Toronto for a lovely husband and wife date, and as the evening went along and we remained in starry eyed wedded bliss, while I mused over my delicious Kangaroo Tenderloin and Sherry over her Cariboo steak at Barootes Restaurant, it got me thinking of all the successes and failures Sherry and I have had in dating.  You see in the years that we have “dated” and been married, we have never succeeded at dating on a regular basis.  You know, leaving the house, going to do something different and just enjoying each other’s company.

The other night, I would say that we went on a successful date.  We did something we had never done before.  1.  We ate Kangaroo and Cariboo, and 2. We went to see Jean Yves Thibaudet play Totentanz with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at the Roy Thomson Hall.  It was to say the least AWESOME! (sorry about the iphone photos… I haven’t figured that one out yet, especially when I’m not supposed to be taking pictures)

undefinedundefined Anyway, while I was there listening to some of the most beautiful music in the world played by some of the most talented people on the planet and as my soul was warmed and tears brought to my eyes, I got to thinking of all the different things that Sherry and I have gotten to do while we’ve been together.

I (David) suck at planning dates, but I’m really good at being spontaneous.  Sherry is amazing at planning, but has gotten a whole bunch better at being spontaneous.  Most every time we have done any of these things it has been on a whim!  I love whims!  I say that our dating life isn’t very good because it seems as though any time I try to plan a date I miss an important detail.  For instance, when we were in Las Vegas this past year I wanted to surprise Sherry and take her to “The Lion King” which was a great idea.  Well the night of the performance we could go to came and I forgot not one but two items.  1.  I forgot to actually buy the tickets and 2. I forgot how long it takes to eat, and we wouldn’t have time to get there.  Needless to say when I said to Sherry “I was going to surprise you but I can’t, so we have to choose dinner or show…” it didn’t go over to well.

Here is a short list of the things that come to mind that we have done successfully on a whim over the past 8 years being together.

– Experienced Whistler (top to bottom)

– Seen the sea to sky highway multiple times

– Hiked up a hill (mountain for you Ontarians) on the side of the highway so we could drink from a glacial stream)

– Been to Paphos, Limasol, Lefkosia, Larnaca, and driven the crappiest piece of junk standard Diatsu Storia rental car on the wrong side of the road.  This thing was such a piece of junk (rented via online for $12/day) that I had to push the gas pedal so hard to go that while driving up to a scenic area I had to stop part way because my leg was too sore to continue.  I must admit that we nicknamed this beauty of a machine the Diatsu S*toria.   (I remember fondly driving into our rediculously expensive hotel parking lot in this hunk of junk and parking it right in the front amongst the Bugattis and the Ferraris and laughing.  Needless to say we had a hard time convincing them we really were guests there that evening!

– Eaten some of the most delicious food available on this planet at not only high end Chinese restaurants but also at one of Mario Batali’s finest restaurants

– Driven from Vancouver, to Redwoods National Park, to Yosemite NP, to Bakersfield, to the Grand Canyon, to Zion NP, to Yellowstone NP, to Butte Montana, to Vancouver in 10 days because we wanted to… then 4 days later drove to Toronto!

– Panned for gold on a glacial river (and swam while we were there)

– Been to Cabo San Lucas a number of times (visiting family of course :D)

– Crossed the Capilano suspension bridge

– Seen Buchart Gardens

– Been to a show in the theatre district in London England

– Missed a plane from London to Vancouver… oops and all we could find to stay overnight was a $700/night Holiday Inn… BOOOOOOOO – Wimbledon was on that week

– Stood on the temple mount and the mount of olives

– Crossed the Jordan River

– Swam in the Dead Sea… AND LIVED!!!

– Explored ancient Roman ruins

– Strolled the streets of Vieux Quebec

– Spent a night at the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto

– Spent endless hours in Ikea – cha ching

– Driven from Vancouver to Abbotsford with a desk strapped to the roof of our Honda Civic Hybrid – wish I had a picture of that one

– And all the while gotten to know, love and share all of these experiences with the Love of my life.

I’m looking forward to failing at dating with you for the rest of my life.

Now I can add, ate Kangaroo, to the list 😀


Feel free to leave a message about what your best/worst dates have been.  I’d love to hear about them.


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