Our Anniversary!

Ok I wrote earlier today (it being 12:35am and we are just getting back from a movie), so our anniversary is really June, 9th.

4 years ago today David and I got married! It has been the best roller coaster ever. No bad times, just times you can learn and grow from, with some of the best times thrown in.

We met in 2003 at Word of Life Bible Institute just outside of Owen Sound (WOLBI), we were friends first (because lets face it the guy was a total geek when I met him) but it was his kind, generous heart and his passion for God’s word that attracted me to him. He also has a drive for adventure and a desire to learn and try new things, which is inspiring. It’s these things that keep me loving him still today.

Our dating life was a bit of an interesting thing. Starting in January 2004, after David had asked my Dad for permission to date me. He asked me out while we were sitting on the couch at WOLBI after Christmas break watching T.V and he signed “will you go out with me?” in American Sign Language letters which he had learned over Christmas break. I know AWWWWWW.

We had a mostly long distance relationship as after we finished up our year at WOLBI I went home to Chatham, Ontario to work, David joined the WOL Impact team (which is a traveling singing group). Then in year 2 I went to college for Occupational/Physiotherapist Assistant, and David went home to British Columbia. So out of the 3 years of dating only 6 months of it wasn’t long distance, but I think it’s a good thing we have developed great communication with each other. Then in August 2006 we got engaged.

People often ask us how we got engaged, and well like everything in our life it seems it didn’t go as planned. I was out visiting David and his family for the summer, I kept wondering when is he going to propose? We knew we wanted to get married, so what’s taking this guys so long??  David had wanted to propose when we went up to Whistler for the weekend, but the ring hadn’t come in yet. So 3 weeks before I was going back home to school David proposed at the Capilano suspension bridge, right in the middle of the bridge just as a Japanese tour bus full of people descended upon the bridge. Well as you can tell I said yes.

David and I have had quite the marriage. We started out getting married here in Chatham Ontario, for our honeymoon we traveled half way around the world to Cyprus and Israel (totally recommend both places, but especially Israel), after a stop off in London England where we missed our flight home due to construction on the tube, we flew home to British Columbia. This is where we lived for the first year of our marriage, then in September we decided we would move back to Ontario to be Camp Directiors at Word of Life summer camps, here in Owen Sound. If our life has been one thing; it’s unpredictable. We decided before we left for Ontario we wanted to visit friends in California and see the National parks of the west coast USA, so we decided to spend 10 days together in our car, my favorite spot was Yellowstone National Park. If that wasn’t enough time spent together in a car we jumped back in a couple of days later and took off across Canada. I think David and I have spent more time in a car together than anywhere else.

When I say our life has been unpredictable and spontaneous…or in other words doesn’t always go the way we think it will this week has been a good example (as with most anniversary weeks). Our first anniversary we planned a pic-nic…it rained. Two years didn’t plan on doing much because we were busy with work. This year I thought it would be the same but David surprised me last week by telling me we were going to see the Lion King in Toronto. Now if you know my husband you know that he doesn’t like to plan things..he’s more of a “fly by the seat of his pants” kind of guy. When I found out in September that the Lion King was going to be back in Toronto I started hinting to David that I would like to see it…he tried when we were in Las Vegas for WPPI, but it didn’t work out. He gave me the option to see Lion King or another play…I still wanted to see the Lion King. Then this past month David gave me two options and I chose to see it on a “date” day, not a day we were going to be TO for work. Now I come to the part where nothing goes the way we think. Over the past week our phone line got switched with someone else and we didn’t have internet or phone for 2 days, then on Monday my computer crashed, and just after I got off the phone with apple care David comes up to me and says “Honey, ummmm we can’t get tickets for the Lion King they are all sold out”. So as unpreictable as life is I had an awesome anniversary with my amazing, wonderful, unplanning, unpredictable, drives me nuts sometimes, but oh so loving husband. (we went to Cobble Beach for supper it was delightful to watch the sunset while we enjoyed an exquisite meal)

Thanks honey for 4 years of the best adventure of my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world…well maybe I’d have seen the Lion King but other than that it’s been unpredictably beautiful. I look forward to 60 more just like it.

I Love You.


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