A Story about Sherry… or should I say Sh-scary!

So Sherry has this little game that she plays.  She tries to scare me (David) on a daily basis.  I haven’t figured out what the purpose of this is yet, maybe it is to keep my blood flowing through my body, maybe it’s to make me work my legs out by jumping straight up into the air in reaction, I’m not sure!  But whatever the case is, she is really good at it and she gets an enormous amount of enjoyment out of it.

I am a fairly jumpy person to begin with.  I don’t really stop moving at any point of the day… even while sleeping Sherry tells me.  I’m also very ticklish, which helps get a good reaction.  (in fact I apparently give such good reactions that I have about 4 friends who regularly sneak up behind me to insert their fingers into my sides and yell out “yAAAaaa” or “woHHOOOHHOHOOOOO” or “YABADABABDABDADABA” (not sure what that one means) but usually I jump up in the air and have a laugh about it.

The most common way Sherry amuses herself, is when it’s time to go to bed.  At the top of our stairs there is a short hallway with 4 doors to 4 separate rooms very close together.  So when it’s time to go upstairs, she runs ahead of me, shuts off all the lights and hides in one of the rooms.  I then go upstairs and not knowing which room she is in, she JUMPS OUT at me and makes some sort of noise which about 80% of the time works and I jump back.  Now you might say to yourself, why don’t you just turn the lights on and look?  Well it’s not that simple as even if I turn the hall light on which I have access to, all the rooms are dark, and she still jumps out.

However there are two occasions which take the cake.  One was a number of months ago and was the cake topper… the other was a couple days ago.  Just a few days ago I was sitting at my desk editing photos, singing happily and quite loudly to Roxette’s It must have been love (yes it was in falsetto) and I was really focused on what I was doing.  During that time Sherry was able to sneak up behind me (up the creeky stairs, down the creeky hallway and into the creeky office avoiding the creeky floor boards) and without me knowing she was there she seriously shocked me as I jumped out of my chair.  Sherry was rolling on the floor laughing!  (by the way, the only time I have gotten her back, is once she tried to do the sneak in my office thing and I caught a glimpse of her in my monitor and just as she was about to scare me I turned around and scared her… which was well worth the effort.)

The best she’s ever gotten me though was well worth the laugh.  We have a phone system in the house, and as her office is downstairs and mine upstairs, we use the intercom feature often to ask questions or say “can you please come down here for a minute” which usually is required for visually checking something.  Anyway, we had recently received this large package in the mail (it was a really big box) and it had sat in the main room for about a week.  So Sherry takes the phone and herself and hides herself in the box sitting in the middle of the floor.  Then she calls me and asks if I can come downstairs for a minute.  I oblige and down I come.  I get to the bottom of the stairs and I can’t find her.  I look in the kitchen, by her desk, in the laundry room… I was just confused.  While I was confused I wandered to the main room and I was standing right next to the big box and all of a sudden BOOOOM!!! Sherry JUMPS out of the box and my heart just about fell out of my chest!  One can imaging the laughter that ensued.  Of course what I was wondering was the thought process which occurred before the event.  It probably had something to do with… That’s a big box!… I bet I could fit in that box… That would be bad if someone scared me jumping out of that box… I could scare David jumping out of this box… … …

AAAAAAAnyway… the moral of the story is, If you want your blood to stay nice and liquid… live with Sherry for a while and she will make sure of it.

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