An incredible review from an incredible couple

So there Sherry and I were standing in our kitchen making a cup of tea and crying, the reason for such emotion you ask? Well I can tell you although we both love tea it was not the steeped goodness, mostly it’s because well we love our clients, we love making our clients happy, and we love spending a day making beautiful memories for our friends. The reason on this particular occasion (and yes there have been and will be other crying sessions brought to you by Sherry and I) was because we were reading the thank you note that Jordan and Leanne gave us after their Ever After Session this past weekend.

Jordan & Leanne whose wedding we shot back in June which is available here and whose engagement photos I will add to the end of this post (we took their engagement photos before I was any good at blogging and so theirs aren’t online at this point), wrote us an amazing thank you letter.  As they tell the story, they were doing their thank you cards, and they had one ready to send to us, addressed and everything, they debated whether or not to send it because they felt it was rather redundant to send a thank you card to us with a picture we took on the front.  We are so thankful they didn’t send the card because we appreciated the letter so much, besides that, I think the writing would have been too small to read if they tried to fit all that on a card. Thank you so much Jordan & Leanne for all the kind words, we are so honored to know you as friends, and to have been able to capture your wedding. Your letter truly did bring us to tears, it was so touching.

They came up to Owen Sound to hang out and to do their Ever After Session (or Trash the Dress).  They were super excited about it, but the weather didn’t have the same plans we did.  Our planned Saturday shoot turned into Sunday, so Saturday night we went out for dinner to Cobble Beach’s Sweetwater Restaurant which is always amazing.    Sunday afternoon the weather turned beautiful so we headed up to the Split Rock Conservation area just outside Wiarton.  I could tell Jordan & Leanne were as excited about this shoot as I was because I got several emails asking what Jordan should wear because he “really wanted it to look good” and we spent the day with them taking some awesome photos (post to come soon… actually it will be up Nov 2nd if you want to check back :D).

So without further words from me, here is the letter Jordan & Leanne gave us.


David & Sherry

I’m not exactly sure where to begin this letter or what words I should write.  I’m not sure how I could ever describe just how lucky Leanne and I feel to have had you as our wedding photographers or how honored we  were to have you capture every moment of our day.  The wedding went by so fast leaving us only with memories and lucky enough, some of the most spectacular photos we have seen.  Perhaps we are being biased as they are our wedding photos but in the end, I suppose it doesn’t really matter as long as we are happy.

I remember when Leanne and I first ran into you two at a wedding show and instantly, you both stood out.  To begin with, the photos that you showcased were impossible to pass by.  It was hard to believe that anyone could take such, dare I use the word “perfect” photographs.  What also stood out was what great people you were.  There was no pressure, no sales pitch, no immediate contract.  Just education on wedding photography and even recommendations on other great photographers you insisted we go see while at the show.  Whether or not we chose you wasn’t your concern at all.  It was only that we get the best possible wedding photos and that we were happy with our decision.  I think that says a lot about the character of both of you.  We went home and reviewed dozens of photographers but when the time came, I think it was one of the easiest decisions we had to make.

I remember being excited for the engagement shoot but at the same time dreading it.  Being the centre of attention has never been a priority for me.  I was also never big on pictures, especially being in them.  But there you two were, excited, eager and just plain fun!  We had such an amazing experience with you two!  From dreading an experience to loving every minute of it and feeling completely relaxed took me by total surprise.  Being great photographers is one thing, but having the ability to interact and make us feel comfortable and capture the true “us” was even more impressive!  I was absolutely shocked how you could actually capture our feelings for each other in a photo.  Not to mention the spectacular creativity and just amazing beauty of the pictures.  To say we were more then excited for our wedding photos would be an understatement.  We would visit your website every week with anticipation of your updated albums and not once were we disappointed.

When our wedding day finally did arrive, I can honestly say that every male in my wedding party also dreaded the inevitable “wedding photos” that comes along with being part of a wedding.  I don’t think it took you more than 5 minutes to win every single one of them over!  While I’m sure you could say it was simply a result of great moods on a great day, I would have to disagree.  I know it had much more to do with your amazing attitude, your enthusiasm and your special ability to let us be ourselves and allow us to make our own photos and our own memories.  There wasn’t a single complaint raised by any of these guys which I will tell you right now is a very rare thing.  In fact, if I remember correctly, you were even a little delayed getting back to the bride because we were all having so much fun!  There had to be “just one more photo”.   Funny, coming from a group that wanted nothing to do with it to begin with.

I think the greatest thing of all, besides of course the amazing images and memories that you captured, was that it truly felt more like having friends than photographers on our special day.  A wedding day is always going to be special for the bride and groom but to be able to share it with and have so much fun with our “photografriends” is something that not many couples will ever be able to experience.  Being whisked away in the dark for more pictures didn’t feel like a chore at all but more like sharing a special moment with friends.

I think in the end, the point Leanne and I are really trying to make is that you two are not just amazing photographers, you are also an amazing team and truly special people.  We can’t imagine having picked anyone else to capture our most special and intimate moments and are happy to have no regrets.  I never truly understood the value or importance of wedding photos until I first looked at our own.  As we began looking through and smiling, I realized that other than memories, this was all we would ever have to remind us of the day our life truly began together.  I think of our kids and our grandchildren looking at these and it makes me so grateful to have such amazing captured memories to be able to share with our family.

My hope is that you remember this letter when you ask yourself of why you entered this business in the first place.  Never forget that you are creating so much joy in so many lives with your God given talent.  We count ourselves so very fortunate to have had you in ours.  If we thought it were necessary, we’d wish you two good luck, but that’s not necessary.  Instead, we’ll wish you both a life filled with the happiness and enjoyment that you bring to others each and every day.  Instead, we wish you both, a life less ordinary.

Your Friends,

Mr. and Mrs. Kachur

Aka. Jordan & Leanne


We feel so honored to know you, and to call you friends. We love that we can do a job that evokes such emotion from our clients. Thank you so much Jordan & Leanne!  We love you guys, and can’t wait to see you again.


Here are a few pictures from their engagement session from a year & a half ago taken in and around Owen Sound, at Ingles Falls and Potawatomi falls and river.



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