Brenden & Angie – Owen Sound Engagement Photographer

Brenden and Angie are so cute together.  Brenden is more on the quiet side but when he and Angie are together he is able to bring out such a joyous smile from her you can’t help but smile back.  Sherry and I loved spending the afternoon with these two.

The goal of the day was to try to find some fall color.  The trees have been a bit lackluster this year as a storm passed through and shocked the trees into not wanting to show us their true colors (yes that brings to mind a Cindy Lauper song) so we headed out to Harrison Park in Owen Sound to see if any of the trees were ready to be colorful and to our surprise there were a couple trees which looked beautiful.  I’m sure it had something to do with the previous few days of beautiful sunlight and warmth.  We then ventured off to their farm to continue the engagement photos with their dog, or should I say “cute little puppy” (insert doggy voice here).

Of course we managed to chase some geese… something that true Canadians will see as a national pastime 😀  I know I love chasing geese!  And ducks for that matter.

You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to get together again!


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