Matt & Jessica | Forest Glen Herb Farm Wedding

What a gorgeous and loving wedding it was that took place with Matt & Jessica at the Forest Glen Herb Farm just outside of London, Ontario near the end of June.  This is definitely the most nature-y wedding we have done and I must say the gardens were amazing!  I am not so much of a garden person… as that is Sherry’s department… but after having been married to her for quite some time now I too have developed a love for things that grow.  However, the fact that I can throw seeds in the ground and hope that grass comes up, Jessica has much more of a skill and love than that.  She owns and operates WildCraft Permaculture and so it was very fitting to have her wedding at one of the most beautiful garden’s I’ve seen (except of course for my wife’s :D).  The Forest Glen Herb Farm was a perfect setting and from there they hopped on a bicycle and rode to her parents cottage just a few country blocks away.

Jessica’s beautiful attention to detail and her love of nature fit this wedding into a sea of flowers, greenery and loving family who filled the tent until all hours of the evening.

Congratulations Matt & Jessica

One of my favorites of the day in amongst the grape vines.The lavender had a gorgeous smell to it that permeated the gardens.What a unique touch to have a bicycle as your getaway vehicle for your wedding.


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