Surprise Parcel

So there I was, running errands around town when I get a phone call from Sherry.

S: “Did you order something from Amazon?”

D: “No”

S: “Did you get Nelson and Jessica to send us something?” Jessica sells Avon, and she was asking probing questions to see if she should open the parcel as it may be a gift for her and she didn’t want to ruin the surprise

D: “No”

S: “Should I wait to open it until you get home?”

D: “Probably”

So now I’m wondering all the way home what came in the mail.  I mean it’s always exciting to get parcels in the mail, but usually I have an idea what it is!

In the door I walk and we go straight to opening up what was at one point an amazon box and we see this:

A GIFT!!!!  We LOVE gifts!!

Nelson and Jessica sent us an amazing note and two very useful presents… two Nikon 24-70mm thermos cups!  So now we can have matching his and hers Nikon cups.  If you haven’t figured it out already, Sherry and I love tea, and this is an absolutely perfect gift.  We are so excited 🙂  It amazes me what thoughtful and caring clients we have and we’re so happy we got to spend two amazing days with Nelson & Jessica.  You can see their wedding here and their engagement session here.

I am so happy we get to return the favor and send them their completed wedding album and parent books today, which look amazing by the way.

Here was the accompanying note:

Needless to say it brought tears to our eyes, and just reinforced the fact that we have the best clients in the world.

Thank you Nelson & Jessica


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