LOVE + Landscapes = Couplescapes

Couplescapes!  Probably a word you’ve never heard of before :)… That’s ok, because it’s a made up word that Sherry and I coined to describe one of the things we love most about wedding photography.  You see Sherry comes from a background of loving landscape photography.  You know, those beautiful sprawling images of a gorgeous mountain, field or river.  Of course this love was passed on to me as well and we decided long ago to infuse it into our wedding photography.  This is where the Couplescape comes in.  You see, it’s a landscape photo… with a couple in it :D!  It’s like a landscape wedding photo.

If Sherry and I were to hang a huge print of ourselves in our home, above our couch or in the den, we wouldn’t want a large image of our faces.  We would want a big landscape photo… but one that has a personal touch to it.  That personal touch being us!

We are often asked the question “what do I do with my photos?”  We live in a digital age where we share our favorite images on Facebook, Twitter and on our mobile devices, but when these images are printed large for all to enjoy or spread across the pages of an album, they can be enjoyed so much more.  This is why we strive to provide you a wide range of options.  We take close shots, wide shots, detail shots and Couplescapes to be able to give you many options for large wall prints, three section canvas collages like you see below, and beautiful photos for your wedding album.  When your wedding album comes, seeing these Couplescapes taking up a full page spread gives happiness each time it’s viewed.  (At least that’s what happens to us when we see them :D)

Below are a few Couplescapes we have taken over the years for your enjoyment :).  We’d love to see you in this collection.



















We can’t wait to deliver your huge canvas or canvas collage to hang in your home.


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