Ka Ho & To Linh | Winter Engagement Photos

Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_001Ka Ho and To Linh came up to Owen Sound for a lovely winter adventure and have their engagement photos as well :).  Though it was a wee bit frigid, the sky was clear and the snow was white.  This awesome couple was a hoot to spend the afternoon with and we look forward to their wedding.   Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_002Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_003Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_004Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_005Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_006Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_007Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_008Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_009Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_010It was awesome to have these two invite their friends along as they were on a weekend ice fishing adventure together, so we had a nice time for a group photo as well as a few for their friends who got married earlier this year.   Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_011Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_012Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_013Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_014Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_015


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