Kamloops Engagement Photography

Kamloops Engagement

Late in the fall we were commissioned to take a Couplescape photo in the beautiful city of Kamloops, B.C.  The city itself is quaintly placed at the intersection of the North and South Thompson Rivers and from what I can tell from my research it is one of the sunniest cities in Canada!  That fact alone makes it a great place to get married.  This couple wanted to be able to see the place where they lived showcased beautifully while having themselves appropriately sized for a very large gallery wrap canvas which now hangs on their wall.

We were very fortunate as late in the fall the weather is a little bit unpredictable and though the day started off cloudy, the sun peeked through late in the day and we were able to capture some beautiful light to highlight our couple.  Their wedding had taken place years earlier as not only did we create this photo but also included a Familyscape with them and their 4 children.

Kamloops Pre Wedding 1This portrait photographer and her husband are wonderful people and to be able to spend the day with them with the intent on creating a couple stunning landscape style pictures was awesome.

As some of you know I (David) am a product of British Columbia having been raised there so the mountains are close to my heart.  The way the shadows hit the mountains gives texture and beauty to an image and every chance I get to be climbing, trekking or making my way to mountainous regions I jump :).



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