Casa Loma Engagement Photo Session Pre-Wedding
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Casa Loma Engagement Photo Session Pre-Wedding

Casa Loma Pre-Wedding Engagement Photos

Pre-Wedding photos at Casa Loma in Toronto are absolutely wonderful.  Once overlooking the city from a beautiful perch on top of the hill before the large trees overgrew the view it's location is second to none.  The castle is a one of a kind location for fashion style engagement photos which have the heir of luxury and class.  Such was the setting for Andrea and Desmond's engagement photos for their Epic Couplescape shoot.  The idea was to get to the site of the shoot before the tourist traffic came in full force and that is what we did.  Casa Loma allows two time slots in which to take photos, the first of which starts at 9:00am which was perfect for our purposes.  We went straight to the back terrace where the morning light shone over the property allowing us to have perfect lighting on the castle itself.  We toured the grounds looking for areas of beautiful light and areas that showcased the beauty of the architecture.  
Capturing romance with Andrea & Des was helped by the personalities of the couple.  Two fun loving and adventurous people who love photographs go together and we were there to create beautiful works of art for them.  After our 2 hour time slot at Casa Loma we proceeded with the shoot around some of the nicest architectural locations around Toronto, and finished by creating an Epic Couplescape.  

The beautiful flowers, the stone work which makes up the structure and facade of the building is wonderful for texture and depth to be added to images.  We always enjoy our shoots at Casa Loma and look forward to the next.   

Casa Loma is located in Toronto, ON


phone: (416) 923-1171

Location: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8.

1/1000; f/2.8; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.