Cotton Factory Wedding Photos
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Cotton Factory Wedding Photos

Cotton Factory Wedding Photos

Change is something that is often difficult in life, especially when areas of town once vibrant with industry and activity fall to changing times and economies leaving buildings and entire areas without purpose. That is until someone comes in with a vision for a previously wonderful space as they did with the Cotton Factory in Hamilton. The spaces have been renovated from their previous industrial spaces with new flooring, walls and ceilings in order to transform the space into a beautiful wedding venue and event space. The repeating windows, vintage elevator, brickwork exterior all lend themselves to beautiful wedding photos where the gentleness of a groom and a bride in her wedding dress contrast against the aged red brick and towers, the make for great Cotton Factory wedding photos. As photographers it is our job to make the most out of any situation photographically and in this picture we placed our couple after their ceremony in silhouette against one of the repeating windows, then we backed up in order to get a wider view in landscape format to give the image feeling and depth. We love this particular photo and shooting at the beautiful venue in Hamilton.


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Location: 270 Sherman Ave N, Hamilton, ON.

1/200; f/4.0; ISO 640; 32.0 mm.