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Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver Wedding Photography

Fairmont Waterfront Wedding Photography

Arriving at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver, British Columbia, I can truly say that it took my breath away. This grand hotel is located directly on the city’s dynamic waterfront, surrounded by beautiful mountains and looking down onto the harbour. The ocean view and the majestic coastal mountains make this location seem magical and unreal. The outside of the building is extravagant, with large panelled windows and interesting architectu, it truly is one of Vancouver’s best wedding venues. Walking into the building is just as amazing as the view of the outside. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to enter each room, as well as give a reminder of the unbelievably gorgeous view outside. The design and décor is modern and tasteful, which reflects what a wedding day at the Fairmont looks like.

As a wedding photographer, I always look for the best lighting situations in order to get beautiful photos of a bride. It was not hard to capture these shots using the abundance of natural light at this venue. I love this shot because it has a theme: white. The entire photo has multiple shades of white, ivory, and grey, from the dress to the décor within the luxury room. This image is classy, beautiful, and elegant; all things that a bride wants to be on her wedding day.Vancouver Art Gallery Wedding

In this image we have our bride in her detailed and laced wedding dress sitting on a couch looking out the window as she awaits her I do's. The light which is playing off of her as it spills through the windows and casts shadows over part of her dress show the intricate details of the lace work as well as the style she chose when trying on so many different dresses throughout the early part of her engagement. I love the look of this picture with the composition from the second floor balcony of the suite and how she is posed to show off her flattering figure. We would love to do the same and to be considered to be your Fairmont Vancouver Wedding Photographers. 

Website: http://www.fairmont.com/waterfront-vancouver/

Phone: (604) 691-1991

Location: 900 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L5.

1/400; f/2.8; ISO 800; 35.0 mm.