First Dance Reception Photos
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First Dance Reception Photos

There is something both magical and captivating about watching a newly married couple take part in their first dance. It is always great to see a bride and groom unwind and have fun after a very busy day, and get to enjoy a moment together in a romantic atmosphere. I have seen a wide range of first dances; whether it is a choreographed ballroom waltz or a slow sway that turns into a hip-hop number, this is always one of my favourite parts of the wedding day to capture. This moment between the bride and groom is always romantic; therefore, the photos that are taken are always candid and relaxed as the couple exchanges smiles and whispers. The setting of the first dance also has a big effect on the images. I often try to play with the lighting in the reception area as I did with this particular photo. I love the way the purple wall light is shining directly between the bride and groom’s faces as they lean in close to one another. Another subtle detail that I admire about this photo is the guests in the background as they watch the happy newlyweds twirl around the dance floor together.

Location: 900 York Mills Rd, North York, ON M3B 3H2.

1/100; f/1.4; ISO 1250; 85.0 mm.