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Hacienda Sarria Wedding Photography

Hacienda Sarria Wedding Photography

Hacienda Sarria is a lavish, Spanish-style manor located in Kitchener, Ontario. The weddings held here are luxurious and elegant with gorgeous areas dedicated to exchanging vows and celebrating afterwards. The building gives off an old-world style feel, with high ceilings, courtyards, and beautiful archways throughout the building. This timely estate has a variety of amenities to offer as a wedding venue. The location is majestic and breathtaking, offering stunning backdrops for wedding photos to be taken. The area has many exquisite features including a bride & groom suite and a relaxing lounge. The courtyard is equipped with 40-foot ceilings and flawless architecture, making it the perfect place to enjoy the reception. This Ontario venue also contains a ballroom with a grand fireplace, as well as a garden and patio area that provides a casual and relaxing atmosphere for guests.

The garden and patio area outside of Hacienda Sarria is abundant with gardens, ponds, and gorgeous historic structure. It was not difficult finding areas to get shots of the newlyweds because of its romantic setting. As we wandered the grounds, I couldn’t help but feel as though I had been taken back in time to the era of Romeo and Juliet. The gardens are especially beautiful in the fall, providing bright red leaves that contrast pleasantly against the gorgeous estate. This shot features the crimson red autumn colours, as well as a handsome groom and his lovely bride in her stunning wedding dress.

In this photo we have isolated the couple in their wedding attire on the left side of the image and we have used some of the fall colours around the venue in the foreground to draw your attention into the newly married man and woman. Their bridesmaids and groomsmen were looking on as we took the pics and their maid of honour loved this one specifically. I love the posing and the detail you can see in her designer dress. I also love how the colours of the bouquet of flowers compliments her chosen makeup shade. We love being Hacienda Sarria wedding photographers because of it's history and the ability the venue offers to give a truly unique photographic product to our clients.

Hacienda Sarria is located in Kitchener, ON

Website: http://www.haciendasarria.com

Phone: 519-585-1681

Location: 1254 Union St, Kitchener, ON N2H 6K4.

1/500; f/2.0; ISO 1250; 200.0 mm.