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Port Elgin Wedding Pictures

Rustic farm weddings are definitely a trend that we have watched grow over the past few years. While this theme is popular, every event that we have attended seems to be unique in its own way. The DIYs and small details that the bride has chosen are what sets each day apart. While every detail is important on the day, the most critical aspect of the event is the location. Whether it’s an old, antique barn or a family’s country homestead, the setting is what makes up the atmosphere for the big day. This shot of Courtney was captured at her parent’s farm in Port Elgin, Ontario. The bride and her bridesmaids got ready in the house the morning of, and the ceremony took place in the backyard that afternoon. This was not an ordinary backyard wedding, however, because the view from this farm was absolutely incredible, which made for some amazing ceremony pictures.

In this photo, the bride-to-be is looking out towards the stunning landscape where she is about to say her vows. I captured this shot from a higher angle in order to get the full effect of her white lace dress against the elegant, dark wood floors.

Location: Port Elgin, Ontario.

1/80; f/2.8; ISO 400; 17.0 mm.