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Tuscany Wedding Photography

One of the greatest and most popular destinations in the whole world is the Tuscany region of Italy. This piece of land which has been fought over by countless civilizations over the past millennia holds so much history and class everywhere you turn. Couple that with a people who are masters of spending time on things that matter and are among the friendliest people on earth and there is no wonder why people continue to flock to this Italian region still today. 

It stands to reason then when choosing the perfect destination for your wedding that a Tuscan wedding should be high on your list. We were commissioned to doing some beautiful Tuscany Wedding Photography in a small village which was rich in beauty and history. This little hamlet of Petrognano near Certaldo was once a prominent and flourishing trade route city between Florence and Pisa until the Florentines came through and decided not to allow them to take trade tariffs any more in the 9th century and wiped them out.  As a memorial to this once beautiful hilltop town a replica of a great church was built on the location in the 1600s which still pre-dates much of the rest of the developed world. It's this history couple with a modern development which has not forgotten it's routes that makes taking photos for weddings so popular. 

In this photo we wanted to focus on the antique nature of the village surrounded by vineyards with the bride and groom strolling down the road hand in hand which is a great picture of what life in Italy is like, a life of strolling through wonderful beauty. We can't wait until the next time we are in Tuscany taking pictures for your wedding.

Location: Petrognano, Italy.

1/640; f/6.3; ISO 640; 160.0 mm.