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Wedding rings are timeless relics of humanity's ancestry. The tradition of giving wedding bands to the bride and groom on their wedding day has been held since before the age of the Roman Empire. The commonly held belief was that the rings were a symbol of eternity as there was no beginning or end to the ring. The placement of the ring on the ring finger was apparently derivative of the Ancient Romans as they believed that there was a vein on the ring finger on the left hand that led directly to the heart. This age old tradition has lasted for the centuries and the craft has been modeled and perfected. An example of such perfection was captured in one of our wedding photo shoots. The beautiful bride had been given this particular ring, with quite a sizable diamond, which was encased in an array of smaller diamonds which led along the top part of the silver band as well. This stunning ring was one of the more beautiful bands we had seen in our weddings, and with permission from the bride we were able to wedge it into a piece of barn board to give this modern ring, a rustic backdrop. 

1/100; f/18.0; ISO 500; 105.0 mm.