Candid Moments in Stanley Park Pre-Wedding Photos

Candid Moments in Stanley Park Pre-Wedding Photos

Stanley Park Pre-Wedding Photos

The seawall is famous world wide as part of one of the most beautiful parks worldwide. It is also a fantastic place to take pre-wedding photos as we did with Andrea & Des during their fashionable photo shoot in the summer. I love how they are lit in these photos by the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean. When we are doing a pre-wedding session we try to capturing high fashion stylish images along with casual moments because these pictures are going to be used in a number of ways. Some will be used in a guest signing book showing off the couple and allowing guests to leave comments, some will be hung on the walls of their homes where we are looking for a more landscape type image and some will be used by moms and grandmothers as a lovely picture of their daughter and son in law or daughter-in-law and son. Here we asked the couple to walk towards us along the path while looking at each other and saying cute things to each other. Although this may feel unusual at the time, the reactions in the facial expressions of the two of them lends to beautiful emotion and moments in the photographs.

Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C..