Casa Loma Engagement With Romantic Couple
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Casa Loma Engagement With Romantic Couple

When you walk into a castle anywhere in the world it still holds the impression one would have gotten when it was newly built. They are designed with an impressive grandeur meant to wow. As Toronto's only castle it is easy to see why it's the best place for a romantic couple to take engagement photos as you won't get this feel any where else in Canada. As photographers we walk into a space like this and see countless angles, views and image taking possibilities which will wow just like the building does to incoming guests. For Andrea & Des this unique venue built for them a pre-wedding engagement album that is unique in it's incorporation of close up portraits showing the romance and emotion of a soon to be married couple along with sweeping landscape architectural photos incorporating them as they waltz through the picturesque gardens and hallways. We love using the leading lines of the balconies and walls to focus into our newly engaged brides and grooms as it is a principle of photography that you want to keep the viewer of the image engaged in the picture and you want their eyes to move around the image and land somewhere specific. This is one of the many things we do to stand out and be the best photographers for engagement pictures at Casa Loma. 

Casa Loma can be found in Toronto, Ontario and at:


phone: (416) 923-1171


Location: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8.

1/5000; f/2.8; ISO 125; 70.0 mm.