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Kelowna Engagement Photography

Kelowna is known as the top destination for weddings in B.C. and so it stands to reason it's one of the best destinations for engagement photos as well. We approach each engagement session in Kelowna with a desire to see new and unique angles of the city by using the elevation of Knox Mountain Park to give an overview of the city or Lake Okanagan depending on where you go in the park. You can walk along the waterfront while getting a view of Okanagan Lake Bridge in the background and you can explore the bustling downtown to get a unique restaurant or pub feel to your pre-wedding pictures. 

In this photo we are using the depth of field of a 1.4 lens to isolate the newly engaged couple to be the focal point while prominently announcing Kelowna in the background to show the city they fell in love in. No matter the season in this wonderful town we are met with romantic vineyards, lakefront cottages and mountainous escapes which lend to a different feel for each photo shoot we go on. We love this gem in the Okanagan Valley and are always ready to take awesome people out for an adventure to capture their love. 

Location: Kelowna, B.C..

1/250; f/4.0; ISO 1000; 110.0 mm.