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San Jose Del Cabo Wedding Photographer

Destination weddings are some of the most joyful occasions to have a photo shoot. There is almost something in the air that has everyone in good spirits and with a happy disposition. Everything is new, and unexplored, with countless photographic opportunities. The entire experience is an adventure, for both us and the bride and groom. In this destination wedding, we traveled to San Jose del Cabo which is a colourful resort city in Mexico which is home to world renown artwork, and rolling hills which fade into long sandy beaches. 

This destination had such a happy couple, they were always cheerful and their laughter seemed to fill this vibrant city. They had so many wonderful moments that we were able capture where they were in each other's arms. This particular photo was taken in under a tree in a colourfully painted courtyard. Without much coaxing they found their own comfortable position, and I took the photo.

What may be most overlooked by anyone who visits our photos is that these photos are not only enjoyed by our patrons, but they are thoroughly enjoyed by us as well. What many see as a beautiful photo of two very in love people, is a loving memory taken out of time for both the bride and groom and ourselves; and its moments like these that make wedding photography the greatest career on earth. 

Location: San Jose Del Cabo, BCS, Mexico.

1/320; f/2.8; ISO 100; 200.0 mm.