Tobiano Wedding Photographer

Tobiano Wedding Photographer

Kamloops has so much to offer being in the South Thompson River Valley and among those things is the community of Tobiano. This development which is building up along the #1 highway has a world class golf course, housing development and a clubhouse that is fantastic for weddings. It is still a bit of a hidden gem for a wedding as it is an outdoor ceremony location and has a limited area for seating guests which means it's great for intimate weddings and small events. The view however is stunning. This waterfront community is a top tier view which is why it has become such a popular development. We love using the rolling hills and desert like feel of Kamloops as our backdrop when taking wedding photos and as photographers we love to place our bride and groom in just the right spot to get the most out of the landscape along with the love they have for one another. We want these pictures of their bridal party and family to be up on their walls for generations to come. It is a privilege to capture the ceremony at such a stunning venue. Tobiano could become Kamloops best wedding venue.

Tobiano is located in Kamloops, B.C.


phone: 250-434-7373

Location: 38 Holloway Drive, Kamloops, BC V1S 0B3.