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Cobble Beach Wedding Photography

During the warm summer months in Canada, nature is at its peak of beauty; full of lush greenery, beautiful blue water, and a variety of colourful flowers. If you are able to book your wedding day at the right time of year, some of these beautiful colours are at their prime. This shot of the bride and groom at Cobble Beach features some stunning deep blue flowers in the foreground of the image. These beauties, growing alongside the water, filled the grounds surrounding the lighthouse and dock area. With the couple sharing an intimate moment alongside the bay's blue water, this remarkable landscape created a stunning backdrop that gave us the chance to make this romantic, fairy-tale-like photo.

The luxurious Cobble Beach near Owen Sound, Ontario is an amazing venue to host a summertime wedding. Situated alongside the shores of Georgian Bay, this resort is a scenic location with breathtaking views and charming architecture. One of my favourite buildings on the grounds of the golf course is the lighthouse, which provides many picturesque areas to take wedding photos. Near the building is a long boat dock, which is also a great place to take formal shots of the bride and groom as well as their bridal party. Out of all of the venues in the Grey Bruce and surrounding area, Cobble Beach has some of the most unforgettable views we have ever seen.

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Location: 221 McLeese Dr, Kemble, ON N0H 1S0.

1/1600; f/2.8; ISO 100; 50.0 mm.