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Estates of Sunnybrook Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography at the Estates of Sunnybrook

When the location of a wedding ceremony or reception is held at a building that is especially elegant or historic, we always make it a main priority to incorporate the architecture into some of the shots. Detailed buildings with a range of lines and shapes make an image more appealing and interesting.

We have seen a wide range of venues that are full of history and feature extraordinary houses and buildings. Toronto is especially well known for it’s significant and timeless wedding venues. One of these leading locations is the Estates of Sunnybrook. This establishment that has been around since 1928, features three outstanding residences: The Vaughn Estate, The Coach House, and the Mclean House. Any of these three buildings have the characteristics to be the ideal setting for a classy and beautiful event. This particular photo was taken in front of the main doors into the Mclean House. The architectural detail of the mansion makes for a polished backdrop to this shot. The bride and groom simply holding hands in front of the grand entryway, tells a story about their big day.

The Estates of Sunnybrook in Toronto is the definition of picturesque. Along with the three exquisite estates, the venue is also surrounded by lush gardens and greenery, making the scene for a romantic and unforgettable wedding day.

For more information about this venue, go to their website:

phone: (416) 487-3841

Location: 2075 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5.

1/200; f/7.1; ISO 640; 34.0 mm.