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Kincardine Wedding Photos

Wedding photo shoots can be very challenging at times. Planning and scheduling will sometimes take weeks, even months of preparation and anticipation, but in the end the success of the shoot would entirely fall on the day of the shoot. Obstacles include sudden changes in weather, terrain, lighting, travel, equipment failure, sudden changes in plans, even the co-operation of civilians in and around busy locations. In the beginning of our business, difficulties such as these would've been entirely disastrous and would've thrown all of our plans into disarray. This would be especially disheartening to us because of all the time we had spent preparing for a significant amount of time prior to our photo shoots. 

After our first few years, we learned to adapt by developing contingencies for any occasion. One such instance was on a foggy afternoon in Kincardine, Ontario. The original plan was to have a photo shoot on a sunny sandy beach, overlooking the beautiful Lake Huron. What we received that day however were overcast, foggy, drizzly conditions. We quickly became aware that in stead of ruining our photo shoot the fog had given us a perfect backdrop. The bride and groom sat along the shoreline, on a piece of driftwood. The fog rolled along Lake Huron in a soft blanket of grey which gave almost an illusion of the couple sitting on the edge of a precipice; the vast grey fog, turning into an endless sea of clouds above a veiled landscape. We realized that these moments were not ruinous to a photo shoot, but allowed us to capture moments that were seldom captured before. We began to look forward to the alterations that the weather and destinations would play on a wedding shoot as it would provide an ever changing and challenging workplace, that perpetuated creativity, and wonderful photographs that hadn't been done before. 

Location: Kincardine, Ontario.

1/800; f/7.1; ISO 1000; 52.0 mm.