The Manor by Peter and Pauls Wedding Photos
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The Manor by Peter and Pauls Wedding Photos

Whenever we shoot an event we are always looking for ways we can exploit the best scenes of nature and architecture we can at the venue we are shooting at. The Manor by Peter and Pauls in Kettleby offers countless natural views surrounding their beautiful conference center and gorgeous blue lake which just happens to have a strategically placed gazebo which stretches out over the water. We have loved all of the events we have shot at this place and can't wait to take pictures here again.

This 34,000 sq. ft. venue located just north of Vaughn is perfect for both outdoor and indoor weddings and features lush green spaces and gives you the feeling like you are the only ones there, even though you are very close to the city.  It is one of the best outdoor venues in the GTA and is by far the best venue in Kettlby. They offer a number of different room options including Elizabeth Hall, Alexander Hall, Victoria Loft and the Fireside room.

When we are composing photos like this one with the bride and groom in a corner of the photo with the landscape dominating the rest of the image we are creating a natural feeling to staged pictures where it feels like the couple is by themselves taking a few moments along together on their wedding day.  I love the variety this creates in the couple's delivered images.  

The Manor can be found in Kettleby, Ontario and information at:

Location: 16750 Weston Rd, Kettleby, ON L0G 1J0.

1/8000; f/2.8; ISO 320; 28.0 mm.