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The location of the reception plays a large part in creating the perfect atmosphere for a party. Following the ceremony and exchanging of vows, guests will often enjoy drinks and h’orderves during cocktail hour before entering the dining hall. Venues dedicate rooms exclusively for these events that can accommodate many tables for the people who attend. There are many ways that the bride and groom can choose to dress up this area and make it unique to their day. From centrepieces and small table favours, to tablecloths and chair covers, all of these details and furnishings tie together to create the setting for this celebratory gathering.

The lighting in the reception hall also has a huge effect on the mood and feel of the party. This particular silhouette image of the bride and groom was taken at the Markham Hilton in Toronto, Ontario. Sophia and Aaron had these large white letters designed exclusively for their wedding. To make the structure more interesting, however, a colour-changing spotlight was pointed towards the names, which were placed near the dance floor behind the couple’s sweetheart table for two. I had never seen an idea like this before, and as a wedding photographer, it was fun to experiment with the colours and lighting in order to achieve some awesome shots.

Location: 8500 Warden Ave, Markham, ON L6G 1A5.

1/1250; f/1.4; ISO 2500; 85.0 mm.