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McLean House Wedding Photos

Perspective is a huge part of capturing unique and awesome wedding photos. It is important to change up your views and angles when you want to create an interesting shot. Therefore, the best photographers must take the extra step and put themselves in a position that will allow them to see from a new point of view, even if it means taking a risk and getting adventurous.

In this particular photo, shot at beautiful Estates of Sunnybrook in the Greater Toronto Area, I was able to climb one of the blossoming trees and shoot down towards the bride and groom. The grounds surrounding the McLean House estate this time of year were especially stunning with the trees and flowers out in full bloom, giving a variety of colours and backgrounds to work with. Instead of using this lovely pink tree as a backdrop, however, I decided to experiment with the shape of the bush by having the couple stand in an opening between the branches and flowers. Having the blossoms surrounding the couple created a pretty and whimsical canopy around them. Late spring is always a visually delightful time of year to have a wedding because of the soft and colourful palettes that naturally occur outdoors.

Location: 2075 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5.

1/640; f/4.0; ISO 3200; 28.0 mm.