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Northern Ontario Wedding Photos

Many people do not realize how important it is for a woman to have flawless, professionally done makeup when she is in front of the camera. High definition photography captures every small detail and feature of the subject’s face; therefore, it is a good idea for her facial features and natural beauty to be enhanced using a variety of professional methods. Artists that specialize in making brides’ faces look stunning are very good at their jobs. Whether it is a glamorous Hollywood type of look or something more effortless and natural, these professionals make sure that the bride is confident and happy with the way that she looks on her wedding day.

The process of perfecting a bride’s makeup has many steps and specific techniques. The artist must choose a foundation that suits the skin tone, and contour the face according to its shape. Eye makeup is also very important; a photographer prefers eyeshadow that makes the eyes appear large in order to stand out in the photos. Along with the eyeshadow and liner, a bride has the option of getting false lashes or eyelash extensions; these are becoming more popular every day. An immaculate facial look along with other details such as the hairstyle, headpiece, and jewellery, ties together to make a bride look ravishing on her wedding day.

Location: Ontario.

1/125; f/2.8; ISO 400; 60.0 mm.