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Quebec City Wedding Photographers

Quebec City Wedding Photographers

Quebec City is known worldwide as one of the most romantic cities in the world. This popular destination wedding location in Canada is one of the oldest in the country and boasts stunning architecture, beautiful old streets and sections of town that are unique to the Ville to Quebec.

We love being Quebec City Wedding Photographers because city provides the backdrop of wonderful photography of brides and grooms together with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, the wedding gown, bouquet, garter, boutonnière, veil and details that make for some of the best wedding photos we have taken. The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is the centrepiece of the landscape with it's castle like features and opulence of a bygone era. This is the best wedding venue in Quebec City and there are so many more available to chose from. Others include the Rialto Theatre, Quebec City Marriott, Hotel de Glace, Alt Hotel Quartier, Courtyard Quebec City, Auberge Saint-Antoine, Moulin Wakefield Inn, Les Hotel Jaro, Le Fontainebleau, and Le Maitre do Mont Tremblant. Each of these venues, hotels or resorts offers a unique wedding venue feel and can be tailored for small and large weddings. Bring in a fantastic venue decorator and you can transform these spaces into the wedding of your dreams. 

Wedding Photography in Vieux Quebec

One of our favourite ways to capture the city with our bride and groom is to hire a driver to take us around the Old City to capture it's splendour without being confined to one place. We can start along the Rue de Petit Champlain in amongst all the old shops and ending with the beautiful Quartier Petit Champlain near the south end of the street then we can head up the path to the Funiclaire du Vieux Quebec, around the steep and winding road to the Eglise Norte-Dame-des-Victoires and the courtyard in front and up to the Parc Momtmorency where you get a beautiful view of the St. Lawerence River. Up the stairs to the Rue du Fort you will find the fantastic Chateau Frontenac and the boardwalk which makes up the overlook of the old city. Called the Terrasse Dufferin you are confronted with the best views for wedding photos anywhere in the city. Once you have captured beautiful pictures with the chateau in your background you can go up the stairs to the Parc du Bation de-la-Reine to the Citadelle de Quebec where you have some open green spaces surrounded by centuries old buildings giving you a truly romantic and Shakespearean experience to celebrate your love as husband and wife.

Photography Locations in Quebec City

Some of our favourite photo locations in Quebec City are:

- Chateau Frontenac

- La Citadelle

- Parc du Bastion de la Reine

- Terrasse Dufferin

- Rue Sainte-Anne

- Le Petit Chateau

- The horse and carriage outside the Fairmont

- Cathedrale Holy Trinity

- Parc Montmorency

- Cote de la Montagne 

- Funiculaire du Vieux Quebec

- Quartier Petit Champlain

- Boulevard Champlain

- Les Jardins du Parlement

- Plaines d'Abraham

- Grand Theatre de Quebec

Bilingual Wedding Photography

As Canadians who can speak both French and English we are able to photograph bilingual events in Quebec City. Fluent in French but having English as my first language allows us to communicate with family and friends of both language backgrounds and it would be our pleasure to photograph your bilingual wedding in Quebec City

Location: Quebec City, Quebec.

1/250; f/2.8; ISO 640; 98.0 mm.