Toronto Luxury Car Rental Wedding Photos
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Toronto Luxury Car Rental Wedding Photos

Sometimes the groom’s look reminds me of something straight out of a James Bond film. Equipped with a black bowtie and super cool sports car, you can’t help but get the overall impression of class and a vogue-like feel. On this wedding day in particular, the Toronto couple exchanged gifts before days events took place. The bride surprised the groom with a brand new, bright orange Ferrari that was his to drive for the day. I have seen many rental cars to escort newlyweds from place to place on their wedding day, but none of them have been as sleek and outstanding as this one. The groom’s reaction to receiving the rental was priceless, and the couple was driven from place to place in the luxurious, sporty ride. With its bright orange exterior, we were able to get some neat shots at the front entrance of Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto, Ontario. The quality and model of the car matched the location very well. This photo almost seems as though the groom is just getting ready to leave his elegant mansion in his very own Ferrari. The shots we were able to get featuring the car were very high fashion and stylish, making some great memories for the couple to look back on and enjoy.

Location: Toronto, On.

1/4000; f/2.8; ISO 125; 70.0 mm.