Weddings at Bellamere Winery
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Weddings at Bellamere Winery

Every wedding has moments that are unique and beautiful, but there are some that seem too magical to be real, as if they were straight out of a movie or fairy tale. The first dance between a bride and groom is always very romantic and heart warming, and it’s the atmosphere surrounding them that makes it this way. This intimate shot was captured at the Bellamere Winery in London, Ontario. The reception area was decorated simply and tastefully with tall glass candles in every part of the room. Although this décor idea was simple and classic, when it came time for the newlyweds to dance it made the venue whimsical and charming. As the bride and groom swayed to their favourite song, the warm candlelight flickered around them and created this tender moment. If you look closely at this shot, you can see old photographs of the bride and groom’s grandparents next to them, making it even more sentimental and significant.

The Bellamere Winery and Event Centre is beautiful inside and out with its timber frame architecture and lovely outdoor grounds to explore. The venue itself is beautiful, even without additional décor such as flowers and candles. These extra touches just add on to make the location even more extraordinary.

Location: 1260 Gainsborough Rd, London, ON N6H 5K8.

1/25; f/4.0; ISO 800; 13.0 mm.