David & Sherry Photography


My Happy Place

Just down the road from San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico lies a beautiful piece of dirt with parts of it covered in green bermuda grass with a few holes in it called the Palmilla Golf Club. San Jose Del Cabo is an adopted home for the Buck family as we've had a family condo here for 25 years. It's beautiful most weather for most of the year and has some magnificent golf courses. Golf being very special to me as prior to being a photographer I was a professional golfer. This golf course has been part of our family for over 20 years as my parents have had a golfing membership here and it has been the place we keep coming back to for golf.

Several years ago the membership wasn't being used very much and our parents decided to get rid of the membership. The last trip while they were members my father asked me to create some art pieces of the course for his office so he could remember it the way he loves. This was my favourite of those creations, taken of the 3rd hole of the Ocean nine at the Palmilla Golf Club. An 8 foot wide printed version of this photo hangs in the clubhouse now and is one of my favourite personal photos we've taken.

As an additional note, 10 months later dad decided he had made a mistake and picked up the membership again which they still use to this day.

1/2500; f/2.8; ISO 100; 135.0 mm.