David & Sherry Photography


Golden Dunes

This is exactly what we were looking for... It's what we came for, and it was coming together so perfectly... the only hiccup was that we had one take and about 45 seconds to get this one right. When you're waiting for the right light and you get it, it can go away SO quickly. As the sun is setting the colour of the light changes because of the amount of atmosphere it has to go through and gives this incredible orange glow not present during the day, so we took Steph and Brent into the Dunes, got them into place and then had them go for a walk together. On their end, it was probably quite romantic and enjoyable, but for me, it was a frantic effort to get all we could with the time we had. There are probably 10 different compositions from this little slice of time and it goes so quickly. All in all, we are super pleased with this one.