David & Sherry Photography


This Is Bridal

It's the soft, subtle beauty of every woman on her wedding day, she has handpicked every detail to show off her beauty. Sherry and I have come back to this photo over and over again as it has made every list of best portfolio images we've picked for years. On a wedding day, we love having MORE than a few moments in the early part of the day to take the bride, done up in all of her glory to create an amazing portrait. These bridal portraits are the images that make history, they will be passed down for generations, as we have photos of our Grandmothers. At this particular wedding, the groom was getting ready off-site, leaving us access to the whole venue for us to explore and find beautiful nooks and crannies to create stunning images. This image was created in the Carriage House at Graydon Hall, Toronto. We snuck in there to take a photo of our beautiful bride in front of the fireplace and as Sherry was standing off to the side she saw this stunning angle, It's not assuming, it's not flashy, it's not full of colour, but it has style, elegance, and timeless beauty.

1/100; f/1.6; ISO 500; 35.0 mm.