David & Sherry Photography


Wisterian Tunnel

There were so many beautiful photographs from this particular wedding, but nearing the end of the photo session at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens we came to their walkway of Wisteria and we'd taken a few photos with the flowers in the background then as we walked through Sherry saw something I didn't and said "we need to do something with this floral frame... So into the darkness, they went. It was very dark under these trees but we carry with us our trusty Stella Pro 5000 light so Sherry busted it out and hid off-screen right highlighting just the couple with the extra light and we gave them some loving instructions, snapped a few and then moved on.

Sometimes photo session moves so quickly from one spot to the next we forget what we photograph along the way. We make sure to get everything on our internal checklist that we see as a complete wedding but the specifics sometimes get lost in our minds. It wasn't until I was back at my computer working on the finished product of the images that I came across this photo and was brought to tears. In post-processing, I brightened them up a little bit, darkened the frame a bit but it was pretty close to perfect from the start and it brought me to tears. This image to me encapsulates a fairy tale wedding. It's surreal enough to be taken in a dream world yet real enough it it's emotion to tell exactly the story that happened. Every time I look at it my eyes linger on the photo longer than most others. It is captivating.

1/400; f/2.8; ISO 320; 150.0 mm.