David & Sherry Photography


Boogie Nights

Boy was this a fun one. Some weddings have lots of dancers, some have few... others rock the night away. This wedding was a rock the night away kind and they handed out fluorescent bracelets for all to wear so we wanted to incorporate that into the photos. The barn in the background was also important to them and we didn't yet have a photo that we loved incorporating the barn, so we set this one up :).

There is one flash with a diffuser and grid with a red gel pointed at the center of the barn close up to it, then we have a flash with a blue gel, pattern mask and widespread pointed at the whole barn, then we put the couple dancing in the middle with their glow in the dark bracelets on... we even had music playing for them to dance :). It came together beautifully!

1/125; f/3.5; ISO 2000; 38.0 mm.