David & Sherry Photography


Get Er Done

I love this group photo. I love the composition, the pulling together of a whole bunch of people into a pleasing photo that isn't the standard (stand in a line) type group shot. However, what makes it more exciting is that we had about 3 minutes to get it done. It was time to go for the entrance of the reception and time was a bit tight, and it's in times like these that we relish the opportunity to be photographers. Pressure comes with the job and we seem to find another gear when needed. Sherry was moving people left and right on one half of the photo and I was doing the same on the other and because the light in that spot wasn't the best we pulled out a speedlight and grabbed three separate shots with Sherry moving across with the light then composited it afterward into the single image group shot you see. When you've only got one shot to make it right... put all you have into it... get er done.

1/40; f/4.0; ISO 6400; 24.0 mm.