David & Sherry Photography


Caribbean Vogue

This might just be one of the strangest wedding photos we've ever made and the hardest part was probably for the 4 of us, Lindsay, Krishna, Sherry and me to keep a straight face while we were doing it.

We were in the process of taking some night photos for their wedding and we were trying to create something that would fit well as the last page of their wedding album and the first few we took were good, but didn't feel right for their wedding. Then Sherry said "well, I've got this crazy idea... but it's really crazy" and our couple said, "WE WANT THAT!!"... So off to the pool we went as Sherry had this vision of using two of their centerpieces as big Carribean head-dresses and she had seen the steam coming off the pool and thought it would make for a cool feel to the photo... so I laid down on the diving board, held the camera an inch above the water, put a flash behind the couple to light up the headpieces, and Sherry held another flash off-screen to the right with a MagMod grid to control the spill of the light and voila... the image that became the finale of their wedding album and one of our favourites.

1/100; f/2.8; ISO 2000; 38.0 mm.