David & Sherry Photography


Baby, It's Cold Outside

We come into every situation expecting the best but prepared for the worst. So when Greg & Kate told us about the mountain top chapel at Sun Peaks and how they wanted to take all of their photos at the peak and feature the chapel, winter, snow, and beauty of winter in the mountains we were excited! After a gorgeous wedding, marriage vows and family photos we made our way to the top of the mountain only to find out it was REALLY COLD!!!!! Like, freeze your little fingers off your hands cold...

Kate expressed a desire to be finished outside as it was too cold dressed in a wedding gown and we all agreed. As we couldn't spend any time doing what we had planned and knowing they had dreams of having mountaintop photos I said to them "Please trust us, give us one shot and we'll get it right... We will make it worth it." So we had one shot to get it right and make it awesome.

We placed Greg & Kate, but her veil kept falling flat, and there was no way Sherry could hold it as she needed to hold the flash that was behind them so she buried the veil under some snow so it would stay extended then she dove into the snow with the flash held high, I asked them to look lovingly into each other's eyes and snap...

They say you don't hire a professional for when everything is going right... you hire them for when everything is going wrong. This photo shares that perfectly. I love the glow from the flash, the cool winter snow and how the couple is highlighted with the faded chapel behind. I love this photo, and the effort by us and the trust and freezing fingers our couple had that made it possible.

1/250; f/8.0; ISO 500; 24.0 mm.