David & Sherry Photography


The Last Supper?

As we walked into this grand hall at the law department of U of T up at the front was this beautiful wall that made the whole room look like Hogwarts along with these gorgeous antique tables (I mean look at those legs!). Even though this shot is exactly what we saw when we entered the room, the tables weren't exactly in this position and they are quite heavy :)... So 5 of us quickly rearranged pretty much the whole room so we could make this gigantic head table on which to place this wonderful grouping of people. It is a bit inspirational from the painting The Last Supper. I believe we did put most of the tables back before leaving, but it was quite a gargantuan effort on the wedding day to move the furniture to make this shot :).

1/125; f/2.8; ISO 800; 32.0 mm.