David & Sherry Photography


This Is Why You Picked This Venue

When you decide to get married at the top of a mountain overlooking Vancouver, I believe the photos should show just that. Sherry had this photo in mind when we started the day rising into the clouds up the Grouse Mountain Gondola, but nature has a way of humbling even our best ideas. So we worked throughout the day in cloud and fog, trying to get the very best mountain looks while being fogged for the majority of the day. Then just before the sun went to bed for the evening, like a curtain being pulled from over the window of our view, the clouds melted away leaving us with one of the most stunning sunsets. We ran into the cocktail hour with our usual gentle walk so as to not disrupt anyone but with haste!! It's tough walking quickly while appearing like you are walking slowly :D... We got our bride and groom Caleb & Sharleen and insisted they come to the other room where we had a shot set up ready to go. I stood in one spot with the camera, and Sherry did the rest.

1/1600; f/4.0; ISO 250; 24.0 mm.