David & Sherry Photography


Early Morning Cursings

The trouble with landscape photos is you have no control whatsoever over the elements that make a photo amazing. You can't control the direction, intensity or softness of the light, the colours though they can be enhanced, what you see is what you get and for the best light, you typically have to be on location ready to shoot at the most uncomfortable times. Of course, if you get there and the clouds don't cooperate you might as well pack up and go home or find something else to shoot.

During one of our trips to Banff National Park (one of my favourite places on earth), I really wanted to get an early morning photo of Moraine Lake (in my opinion the most beautiful place in Canada) and though Sherry is always on board with photo opportunities she isn't exactly what I would call a lover of mornings. She will get up early when she needs to but would prefer to sleep a bit longer. So as we were looking at the forecast specifically for a clear sky day the report said tomorrow was going to be clear(ish)... so she made me a deal. If we got up for the 3:45 am alarm and the sky was clear, we would go (it was 2 hours from where we were to get on-site to shoot) but if it was the least bit cloudy she would go back to bed and go to sleep...

The alarm blared at 3:45 and sherry lumbered out of bed to the window, looked outside and said "awww s#@%"

1/320; f/10.0; ISO 200; 12.0 mm.