David & Sherry Photography


Suspended Moment

Sometimes good things don't come easy. As you can imagine as for Aleah, the woman in this picture who is afraid of heights. There come occasions where we are asked to do things that are out of our comfort zone because we want the result at the other end. We are pushed to be better, stronger, faster, braver for the sake of a goal... in this case, the photo that now spreads across their master bedroom above their bed. This was in the middle of an already long day with travel, traffic and lots of heights to get up to the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, B.C. Our engagement adventure took us to multiple wonderful locations around the coastal Vancouver area and when I asked them to walk to the middle of the suspension bridge that hangs hundreds of feet above the earth Aleah closed her eyes, nodded her head and along with Kyle they trekked to the middle.

Photographically we wanted to bring the background in a bit and make it feel more immersive so we chose a longer lens and created a 16 photo panoramic stitch to get the compression and depth of field from the longer lens, but the wide panoramic photo of the beauty in front of us. I love how the lines of the mountains, the changing colours of the trees and even the bridge intersect to bring our eye into the photo.

1/3200; f/1.4; ISO 50; 105.0 mm.